Music... God's gift to man

“Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven ”

— Walter Savage Landor

I love what these words inspire in my thinking. It makes me incredibly thankful for what God has given to us in music, the way he has given us the ability to express deep longing, joyous excitement, ecstatic proclamation, and indebted gratitude. Though, I cannot stop here. As we come before Father God with our worship and our singing, we are actually investing in an eternal experience. As we lift our voices in the secret places of our lives or as we join hundreds of others, lifting up our corporate voice to the Lord, we are giving ourselves to the practice, as scripture describes, in which we will engage in eternity! It is staggering to think that the art of making melodies and rhythms will be part of our eternal destiny.

Further more, it's incredible to realize that as we engage in worship, we are engaging in something that God created, not only for our pleasure, but for His pleasure! Looking through Revelation 4-5, it's so abundantly clear that the Lord surrounds himself with music and worship. It's his house, his rules, and the thing that we see him surrounding himself with time and time again is music & worship. What an incredible gift that the Lord has given us and what an incredible opportunity to invest in eternity.