Three Reasons Why We Pray

It is not enough to work the disciplines of prayer with no vision of why you would pray. The journey of prayer is the highest call of delight and joy, yet it is through arduous paths of the valley. In the stillness of the secret place our barrenness is exposed with hours of straining to behold divine beauty; seasons of feeling nothing, times of facing our weakness. The silence is loud; as a cry is stirring and hunger is awakening. This is necessary to awaken our hearts and draw us out of the muck of the world. The Lord is taking us deeper into His heart as we reach and as we grow. In these seasons, we need vision. When we don’t find immediate satisfaction we need God to answer the questions, “why continue on?” “Is it worth it?” We need to pray Paul’s famous prayer in his letter to the Ephesians, “Lord give to me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You.” Any endeavor without vision will fail, as the proverb says, “a lack of vision cause the people to perish.” Indeed I would have lost heart and perished if I had not asked and wrestled through these questions. I continue to wrestle through these questions; strengthening my resolve to be steadfast in His grace. Our vision is not ethereal, but tangible. It is a person that is our hope, Jesus is our vision. There are three facets of His heart that are continually sustaining my heart in prayer. 

 Jesus is worthy because of who He is and what He does. Consider Him who sits on the throne. Around His throne are unending praises. Day and night it is proclaimed “Holy Holy Holy” He is totally other than! He is beauty! He is the source of all life; the creator of all things. Consider His cross. He is the Lamb slain before the foundations of the earth were laid. He is the living sacrifice. He has given all of Himself unto death so that those who were once enemies of God become His children, His bride. He has saved us from Hell and given us eternal life.

He enjoys me in my weakness. Because He is love. Because of His righteous blood that was shed. He can see and relate to us in our weakness. My weak voice, in my brokenness, moves His heart. Every glance of my eye towards Him causes Him to be undone. In this dark night of faith, when I can’t see Him or feel Him; yet I strain to turn away from distraction to look at Him, He receives this as real love. 

God responds to prayer. The Lord moves at the sound of our voices; they are heard in the courtroom of heaven and have impact on the world around us. Prayer also transforms our own hearts. Let time and diligence in prayer testify to this. As we behold beauty, we are transformed.  

There is so much more to be said and yet even more that I have yet to grasp. I encourage you to respond to the Lord in His desire for you. He is saying “let me see your face, for it is lovely to me. Let me hear your voice, for it is sweet to me.” With every breath you take, you continually have His attention, His affection. He is patiently waiting, He is yearning for you to give Him your attention and affection. Even in your weakness, He desires you. And this is the only way you will find wholeness, so don’t wait until you “have it together.”  Every glance towards Him is written in the books of heaven, and will be our glory in the age to come. 

Zack Roberts —
Prayer Room Director of Ember