The Cross is of the Greatest of Meditations

Often, in times of prayer, I fix my mind upon the cross. I bring myself before this horrific yet wondrous scene. I take in the setting; the commotion of the crowds, the feel of the heat in the day, and etc. I look up at Jesus, there upon the cross. He is marred beyond recognition, a gruesome sight. Some in the crowds mock Him, some watch the scene as a twisted form of entertainment, while others are weeping. I consider this man, upon the cross.

I know that He is God, that He existed before the foundations of the earth were laid. He is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. From eternity past He is God, filled with delight, daily enjoying perfect fellowship within the Godhead. And even the fact that God came in flesh is a scandal of the ages. Think about it, The creator became created to be near the creation that rebelled against Him. Jesus possesses all power and might. These men that crucified Him are like grasshoppers to Him. Not even the demons inciting the men can overpower Jesus unless He allows it.

Every second to Him, must have been excruciating. And in every moment He resisted the impulse to stop what was happening to Him. He was fully submitting to the Father’s will. I looked up at Him, appalled by the sight before me, and asked one question. “Why? Why did you do this?” And in that moment my eyes locked into His. He was looking into the depths of me, His eyes like fire searching me out. His gaze was filled with yearning for me. In this moment I felt God speak to my spirit, “For you! I desire you! I desire this right here; your attention! I desire relationship with you.” It is so astounding, what love looks like, what love does. Love gives all and is a life poured out.

Indeed this moment in history will be remembered forever and will never cease to amaze; causing eruptions of praise and thanksgiving. This is the fullest expression of love. When my heart is brought before the cross; the accusations lose their place. The thoughts of doubt are silenced when my mind is fixed on the depths that God has gone to be with me. When we really know that God loves us and is for us, it changes everything. If the Father gave His son and the son gave His life for me, what higher price could ever be paid? The reality of the cross enables my voice to be heard in the court of heaven and has granted access to the fullness of God for all of eternity.

Beloved, today is the day of salvation. Eternal life breaks forth within the heart that looks to that man on the cross.

Written by Zack Roberts

ember prayer room | norman, oklahoma