Why Day and Night Prayer?

I believe the Lord is changing the expression of Christianity in our generation. All across the globe He is raising up His house of prayer. Why is he calling His people to pray day and night? Because He is God; He is worthy of praise 24-7. Before God raised up a king for Israel, He established His priests who where called to minister in the tabernacle every morning and evening (Ex. 29:38-42). God wanted a flame on the alter to burn continuously (Lev. 6:13), God wanted it to stay lit to signify a continual reality of worship from God’s people. Then there was King David, the man after God’s own heart. David was the first who understood that the Lord longed for hearts who would continually offer worship and praise to God. He added to the tabernacle of Moses what is called the tabernacle of David. He had a total of 8,000 Levites who where employed full time offering up praise and worship before the ark of the Lord.

The scriptures unveil heaven, giving us a glimpse of what takes place before the throne of God. (Isa. 6; Dan. 7:9-10; Rev. 4-5, 6:9-11). The ultimate desire in God’s heart is for heaven and earth to be one (Eph.1:10; Rev. 21) Jesus instructed His church to pray “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Before God’s throne we see unceasing praise and adoration of Him who sits upon the throne. We know that heaven is breaking in among us when we look around and see what takes place in heaven is taking place on the earth.

Man was mandated to reign on the earth. In the Garden of Eden we seehow God wanted us to reign. It is out of relationship with him; In daily communion with Him. Throughout history God has partnered with man in the place of prayer to bring the reality of heaven to earth. And it is through night and day prayer that the Lord will bring about true justice on the earth (Luke 18:7). And when Jesus returns, he will come with the bowls in heaven filled with the prayers of the saints and a church crying out with one voice, “the spirit and the bride say come!”

-Zack Roberts