Our mission is to kindle desire in human hearts to experience Jesus in the atmosphere of sustained prayer and worship, God’s Word as our foundation; thoroughly postured to express the heart and mind of Christ.



big picture vision

As we draw closer to the time of the Lord’s return, Jesus is leading His church to be victorious through the unique dynamics of that which will unfold in that generation. Jesus himself said that His church will be a “house of prayer for all nations” — meaning, His Church will be a unified spiritual family going on mission together in the context of night and day prayer. In Isaiah 62, God said that He Himself would establish night and day prayer with worship on the earth before Jesus returns. This is to be the primary activity of the people of God; as it is in heaven, because He is worthy and responds to the prayers of the saints (Luke 18). All across the globe, God is divinely awakening His people to pray and establishing 24/7 prayer & worship.

Ember is a part of this story. We are multiplying worship and prayer in our city and region. There is coming a day that there will be 24/7 prayer in our city; maybe not in one place, but throughout the church in our city.

When the name was being worked out in 2016, there were two verses that expressed the heart and vision of this organization (Matthew 25:1-13 & Revelation 19:7-8). We are partnering with God in making the bride ready through intercession, providing space and resources for growing in intimacy with Jesus, and being a prophetic voice to the Church.

local vision

Experience (the beauty of Jesus) | The Prayer Room

  • Giving people regular space to come and to meet with God; to gather with expectancy and to meditate and reflect on the goodness and the beauty of Jesus. We offer worship to God, while contending for justice and for the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest and bring transformation in our city and region in a continual way.
  • Partnering with the greater body of Christ in our city and region to be unified in prayer.
  • Providing a space for intercessory worshipping missionaries to work out their call. Whether for a season or long term, part time or full time; we want to envision and empower prayer and worship leaders to impact our city, nation, and nations of the earth.

Express (the beauty of Jesus) | Communicating from the Prayer Room

  • We produce content (music, video, podcast, blog) saturated in the presence of God, that carries the heart of God and comes from the word of God.
  • Great men of history (David Brainard, Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, etc) experienced deep travail in prayer and then witnessed multitudes encounter the power of God when they preached the word of God, much like the apostles in the book of acts. Our desire is to produce content that communicates the heart and mind of God, carries the power of the Holy Spirit (healing, deliverance, salvation, prophetic encounters, etc), and builds Christ’s Kingdom.
  • We want to make space for artistic expression that tells a story of Jesus, His kingdom, power, and glory, that comes from purity and holiness in the place of prayer.