Heart Living - Sarah Bingaman

“The heart is the human personality with its entire constellation of human abilities, talents, capacities, powers, gifts, resources, moods, styles, behaviors, emotions, motivations, drives, interests, loves, passions, goals, purposes, mission and temperament that defines and describes the person and animates the human spirit.” (John Smeltzer)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sarah Bingaman, and I am a licensed professional counselor based in Bastrop, TX. Over the last few years, I have led a unique form of group counseling called Heart Living. This journey goes beyond traditional one-on-one counseling sessions, and digs deeper than short term group therapy.

I am excited to begin a journey with you exploring freedom from religiosity, recovery from pain, understanding emotions and needs, self awareness and heart-based Christianity, living from the heart and much more! My counseling philosophy, and this Heart Living journey, grew very much from my own experience in counseling with John Smeltzer, someone you will hear me reference throughout our time. If you’d like to read more about my journey, you can find my story here: [Revive Counseling-My Story]

One way to know if you live from the heart is to ponder the question:

  • What do I trust? Do I trust in my own strategies?
  • Do I second guess myself when making decisions?
  • Do I overly trust my feelings to the point of procrastinating until something feels exactly right?

The Heart Living approach goes beyond the traditional counseling method and brings in community in a way that is natural and intentional, versus a brief group counseling structure.  This group format offers the opportunity to work alongside other participants as well as personalized teaching covering topics pertinent to living fully in a healthy heart. I am available for individual/couple sessions whenever you need additional support or if certain topics surface issues that need more focused attention from me.

Oklahoma Heart Living for 2017-18 will run August-April, with in-person meetings once a month. Our final session is reserved for Q&A, where we can follow up on any topics the group would like to discuss more.

Heart Living Rates for 2017-18 is $75/month per couple, $45/month per single, and include:

  • Monthly group sessions
  • Regular emails and audio content
  • One free private session, and half-price on sessions scheduled between August & April
  • Printed Heart Living Guide

If you are interested in hearing more about this journey, we are having a preview night on Thursday, May 4th @ Ember (318 E Gray St., Norman, OK). Please email info@emberHQ.com if you would like to participate or if you have any questions!

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