Charlottesville, Virginia: an Appeal

On Saturday August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, deep wounds within the hearts of all Americans were uncovered.

Across the airwaves, with broadcasts on repeat, the wounds are currently being festered. The atmosphere is thick and heavy. You don't have to be observant to sense it; to feel it.

However, there remains a story buried deep in the commotion; a voice to be found in rest and stillness, but in the midst of the storm, if you are only seeing the physical state of the Union (or dis-union) and tuning-in to the world's airwaves, you will miss it completely.

We had the privilege of speaking with Jon Quesenberry, Director of the Charlottesville House of Prayer, who led a group into the midst of the storm on that Saturday morning, not to take any side or argue any point, but to appeal by another road. The results from their faith in action? You will just need to hear yourself...

Jon also wrote his own powerful account of what happened which you can read, here:

Here is a link to the video discussed in the interview: