prayer room

experiencing Jesus in the place of sustained prayer and worship

The heartbeat of EMBER is the gathered prayer & worship of the unified Church, giving people regular space to come and to meet with God; to gather with expectancy and to meditate and reflect on the goodness and the beauty of Jesus. We offer worship to God, while contending for justice and for the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest and bring transformation in our city and region in a continual way. 

What to expect in the Prayer Room:

Each prayer set is one hour and has three segments (15min of worship / 30min of prayer / 15min worship.) Anyone is welcome to pray corporately during the prayer portion of the Intercession sets; the prayer leader invites the room to pray short prayers that are on topic.

There are two primary elements of the prayer sets that are consistent and foundational to the structure. The use of scripture and music are essential in engaging hearts in unity across denominations.

  • Scripture:  All prayer sets are facilitated with scripture. We strongly encourage praying and singing scripture throughout the sets.

  • Music:  All prayer sets are facilitated with music. We will either have live music or streaming music throughout the entire set.

In Devotional the prayer room is open for individuals to come and meet with God in an undistracted environment.

In Intercession, we create a corporate environment where the team leads the room in praying specifically for our city & region.

In Meditation, we create a devotional environment where the team sings and prays through a portion of scripture.