prayer room

experiencing Jesus in the place of sustained prayer and worship

The heartbeat of EMBER is the gathered prayer & worship of the unified Church, giving people regular space to come and to meet with God; to gather with expectancy and to meditate and reflect on the goodness and the beauty of Jesus. We offer worship to God, while contending for justice and for the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest and bring transformation in our city and region in a continual way. 


Training | We function as a prayer and worship training cohort that facilitates the practical application for unified worship and prayer in our city. As we take individuals through our equipping process, we work with their local pastor to bring the momentum of what they have learned in the prayer room back into their local context.

Coaching | We work with pastors, both locally and internationally, to cultivate their worship and/or prayer teams. We offer one-on-one coaching, workshops, and continual learning, catered to the specific needs of the individual or team.