Summer internship


Do you desire to experience transformation in your own life and grow in your passion for Jesus? Do you desire to grow in your secret life with Jesus as you sing and pray God's Word back to him? What would it look like to grow in confidence in these things at an exponential rate due to crafted and honed focus? We believe this Summer Internship could be for you.

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The Prayer Track is for individuals who desire to grow in their personal understanding and experience of intercession and leadership.

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The Worship Track is for musicians who desire to grow in their skill and understanding of worship leadership through the context of the prayer room.



Lifestyle of prayer & worship leadership development, gaining devotional tools, and a Biblical understanding of night and day prayer.

If this sounds like you, please fill out an application and return to us in person or by email,

Deadline to apply for Summer Internship is May 1st.

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